logoParadox Ethereal was founded by Mary Vareli in 1998, mainly organizing conceptual events, unplugged live shows and art exhibitions. After these last few years of absence, the project comes back, taking the form of a digital magazine this time. The artists presented, the personalities mentioned and the ideas or tendencies conveyed are strictly selected to spread the ideas of aestheticism, romanticism and transcendentalism. Enjoy this collective project, comprised of a universal language; the language of imagination” Paradox Ethereal  is a quarterly digital magazine, possessing a re-enactment character and related to the Arts, Romanticism and Symbolism. We flirt with Music – folk, ethereal, or experimental forms – Esoteric Traditions, Traveling possessing an exploratory character, Art in all its magnitude and types, the Absurd in full glory, everything Victorian, Retro or Vintage,  Nature, Literature, Psychology, Philosophy and above all the Transcendental. If a reader feels he is one of us we accept contributions. «The artist is the creator of beautiful things», said Oscar Wilde, so Beauty is  a fuel and Imagination the vehicle. Welcome to the trip!


Mary Vareli


Spyros Papathanasiou, Roberta Sparrow, Perseus Hatzinikolaou, Mark Waldhardt, Kim Cascone, George Schinas, Philippe Blache, Giorgos Papadopoulos, Elisabeth Mantovani, Harry Varelis, Yutaka Itinose


Thomas Nikiforou, Evagelia Zorba, Kate Kinley, Kevin Green, Ann Marie, Ve Dhanito, Isis Rucé, Michael Kulick, Katerina Mitsiali, Penny Ktena, AudeRrose & Brent Sqar, Daria Szucs, Paris Fotias, Yiannis Brouzos, Christos Rantos, Chrysovalantis Renos Tabakakis, George Zacharopoulos, Biliana BibiShi BibiShan, Anestis Chatzibeis, Ann Texter


Louisa John Krol, Stephen Ellcock, Sofia Tsoukala, Orestis Damianos, Sofia Alikou, Tony Smith, Ella Simson, H. Vogopoulos, James Philip Pegg and many others.

mary vareliABOUT THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Completing my studies at School of Philosophy – Dept. of English Language and Literature, and N.E.L.LE.- photography – I have so far worked as a teacher, translator, photographer and writer in several magazines, also having experience in event organization & production. In my free time, I love, writing, dj-ing, giving Philosophy lectures and participating in collective art exhibitions. I am also a member of AEPI, as a songwriter, a radio producer (Paradox Ethereal Radio Show) and, of course, the founder of Paradox Ethereal. Feel free to contact me for collaborations.

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Send your submissions to [email protected] with the indication “PE Magazine submissions”. You will be contacted in any case and if they meet our expectations they will be published. You can also become a regular editor if you are one of the kind.


The following events are the main and favorite events of Paradox Ethereal, as there are more  held in collaboration with other groups, e.g. a tribute to 4AD with New Dark Age group at club Memphis, several art exhibitions etc.

2/4/98 Recital / The Enigma of the Absolute.Music night, a tribute to 4AD and presentation of Manolis Kasimatis’ Art Informel slides. The projection took place ON the audience! Booklet: Experiments on Animals

10/3/2002 Café Muller / Lord Of The Rings tribute, volume I. Ethereal music plus a slide show presentation of paintings on fairies Booklet: Good Fairies and Naughty Fairies.

16/3/2002 Odd / Defile Des Ames pre-and-after-show party / Music Ethereal/Ambient. Poster created by Defile Des Ames.

1/6/2002 Odd / Wave Gotik Treffen Tribute. Electron Group & Paradox Ethereal. Slides show by Mary Vareli on the topic: Wave Gotik Treffen and music by the participating bands.

15/12/02 Memphis / Daemonia Nymphe release party. Ethnic, Pagan, Ritual music and exhibition of Nikolaos Bra’s ancient Greek type musical instruments. Booklet: Daemonia Nymphe

04/2/02  XClub Thessalonica / Daemonia Nymphe release party. The same type of release party, as presented in Athens.

2/3/2003 Memphis / Lord Of The Rings volume II Medieval music and slides by Toli Elefanti “stone creatures”, Mary Vareli “Wave Gotik Treffen dressing styles”. Booklet: Homo Neo-Romanticus

30/5/03 Booze / RPG/SCA event proving the “Reversing The Non-Reality” Fairy/Medieval Music, book exhibition by Kaissa (Books and fantasy games). Video by Mary Vareli concerning RPG heroes and real players at a Kaissa fair. Sword fights by Society Of Creative Anachronism. Booklet: RPGs articles and interviews by Kaissa initiator and DMs

4/12/2003 Xorostasion. / Ophelia’s Garden release party LP: Lust & party with ethereal pop by Mary Vareli & Tolis Elefantis

11/4/ 03 Booze /Chameleons Unplugged live show. Unplugged live by Mark Burgess.

22/2/2004 Memphis / Lord Of The Rings III Medieval music slides depicting unicorns, mermaids, L.O.R. characters, photos by Tolis Elefanti, topic: “Water depictions look like fairies”, and Mary Vareli : Midsummer night’s Dream. Booklet: Fairy short story & a study on Tolkien’s character as depicted by painters.

17/4/2004 Dadaist /Tribute to Blue Color and Thought. Short Films by Ari Michalopoulo and Ari Xatzopoulo. Photos by Mary Vareli and Toli Elefanti on blue topics. Booklet: A study on Blue/ Blue Short Story

19/6/04 Dadaist / Audiovisual Tribute to Wave Gotik Treffen. Photo slides projection of bands and audiences & party with music by performing bands. Booklet: Festival Info and Homo New-Romanticus.

13/4/04 Dadaist / Angels At Play Tribute to Angels. Multimedia projection of photos depicting angel sculptures by Mary Vareli Tolis Elefantis, Mirth, Ruta, Olga Vareli and the surrealistic symbolist paintings of Sasha Metallinou-Chaitow. Booklet: Angels At Play

22/3/14 OBI Cafe Bar Dreamers and Heretics, Mystery Night with Romantic Painters slide show and  pagan, apocalyptic and ethereal folk music. Dress code: six senses
On decks Mary Vareli & Petros Tsalpatouros

Mary Vareli and associates are the djs in  all events.

Click on the images for  a slide show that will give you an idea of the aesthetics we promote. 

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