Paradox Ethereal Magazine issue 11 -7I am Still Reading Fairytales 

Photographer & Stylist interview, Ukraine

Mary Vareli: Tell us a few things about your studies and your decision to become a photographer.

Chervona Vorona: I studied to be an illustrator. But my job is only remotely related to my education. First I worked as a stylist and a decorator, but photography was what I needed to complete my aspirations.

What inspired you? The Romanticism of the 19th century is apparent in your work.

Yes, a bygone era equally inspires me. I think we have lost the essence of femininity in modern times.

Tell us about your favourite Pre-Raphaelite painter.

Definitely John William Waterhouse! I like the gentle character types and the, so often to see, recognizable characters. This is history in pictures!

What is the role of imagination in your work? Your work is full of fairy tale images.

Fairy tales, this is the most important thing, my main inspiration, therefore, my images are of different ages, but they are all united by magic or a hint of it.

Maybe it’s because of the books read in childhood. Although I now read mostly fairy tales! Imagination is very important in my work! But of no less importance are things like observation and resourcefulness.

Do you also create the costumes and decorations you use?

Yes, this is the highlight of my work, it all starts with an idea, and my ideas always require unusual costumes and decor. This can be some wings for а girl-dragonfly, crown and dress for the lunar queen, or just a girl sitting on watermelon slices.

All these have to be made specifically for photography purposes. I have a working studio where I keep the costumes, make new decorations and sometimes even take photographs.

What equipment do you use? Favourite lenses?

A semi-professional camera Canon 650d and as a Lens Tamron 28-75.

Do you prefer studio photography or shooting outdoors, and Why?

Definitely in the open air! In fact there are a lot of reasons, firstly, no studio would give the diversity and perspective of nature. My images are attracted by nature. It may reflect the internal state of the character, and emphasize it as well.

Do you use post-production? Favourite software?

Post-production is important to me because I have inadequate equipment, I have to retouch a lot! With retouching, I sometimes imitate lens effects that mislead other photographers. Photoshop is the best means!

Colour or black and white? What do you personally like most?

I really like the black-and-white photography, but I always prefer the color, the entire range or color pallets, and often saturated colors. Just like my character, expressive and unrestrained!

Do you enjoy exhibiting your work? Tell us about your exhibitions or publications of there are any.

There are no exhibitions of my photos, just an exhibition of collaborative works with Irina Julia, she is a photographer, I’m a stylist. It was a large-scale project with Ukrainian showbiz stars.

Also, there was a distinction, a photo nomination in the “Fashion” field, for the a French Photo magazine, photographed by Alina Lishchinskaya, I was the stylist & designer.

Favourite photographers that inspired you?

Tim Walker, Annie Leibovitz, Kirsty Mitchells.

Favourite writers and directors?

Andersen and Tolkien!


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