Paradox Ethereal Magazine issue 11 -22A treasure trove of iridescent opulence, splendid strangeness and haunted  melancholy

mixed media artist, interview, US

Mary Vareli: Jillian, tell us a few things about you and your artistic background.

Jillian Schneider Gaconnet: I am self-taught, I am mainly a mixed media artist, but I love doing digital work as well. I have always loved art, but I didn’t know that I could contribute to “art” until I was in my late 30’s.

From a small child, I was always deeply affected by what I saw and heard and felt. I am totally ruled by emotions. That is the main thing. That is my outlet, how I get my emotions out.

How do you define the art you create?

I would describe it as a treasure trove of iridescent opulence, splendid strangeness and haunted melancholy.

What made you chose this topic? Do you particularly love the era?

Yes, I have always loved the Rre-Raphaelite art and beauty, the past is such an intrigue for me. I am naturally drawn to its subjects, the myths and lore and fairy tales. Lizzie Siddal has always been a very great influence.

Do you exhibit your work do you enjoy it?

I have exhibited my work, and I do very much enjoy seeing people’s reaction to it, whether it’s negative or positive, it is always a great experience.

What inspires you?

Emotions, my own depression has been the subject of many of my works, as well as other people’s emotions. I am also very inspired by fairy tales, vampires, ghosts, the paranormal. Poetry is a huge inspiration as well.

Do you believe that nowadays there is a keen interest in this kind of imagery, or a revival of the period that has inspired you?

I believe it is so classic that it will always be appreciated. Fads and trends in the art world and in pop culture always come and go, but I believe that the romance and beauty of this bygone era will always be of interest to people.

Artists that influence you?

John William Waterhouse, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Gabriel Von Max, Magaret Keane, Mark Ryden, Victoria Frances.

Writers and directors you admire?

Tim Burton, Terrence Malick. The Brontes, Sylvia Plath, Joe Hill, Alice Hoffman, Shirley Jackson


My taste is music is very eclectic, but my main favorites that I listen to and follow always are The National, Stevie Nicks, Florence and the machine, Pearl Jam, Bat For Lashes, Blue October


Here is the link to my facebook page:
Deviant art: Bohemiart on DeviantArt

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