“Love, fantasy, death, decay”

Photographer – Interview, Εngland

Mary Vareli: Tell us a few things about your studies and your decision to become a photographer.

Katie Eleanor: Photography has always been the art form that let me ground fantasy from reality, and therefore became an addiction of mine, a very early one, since 13 years old. I haven’t really seen myself doing anything else ever since.

Fashion photography or illustrations of fictional narratives? Which attracts you more?

Illustrations, naturally, I like fashion as it allows me to create fantastical fiction with a real world context – but my personal work is where my heart it.

Do you also do the makeup and create the settings for a shooting?

Set design is always me, ‘fashion’ shoots require make-up artists but otherwise it’s just me and my subject.

What is your secret inspiration? Your idiom is so powerful I bet you have a solid basis, concerning inspiration.

Reading mostly, also archives of old prints and postcards I collect. I like to go and discover my creatures’ real habitats and meet them for real, exploring new places, and write about them later.

What is your personal philosophy when shooting images?

Really, just to push myself, not to be afraid, to be confident and push my surroundings into the wondrous.

Name some concurrent symbols that prevail in your work, nature for example, and possibly tell us why you use them.

Love, death, decay, fantasy: nothing original, the same things people have used art to explore since our creation.

What equipment do you use?

A medium format Pentax that I borrowed and never returned (with permission), prints and inks.

Favorite lenses?

I have only used one for the last few years; it’s an 80 – 160mm f/4. It came attached to my Pentax.

What about post-production?

I hand-color my photographs & touch up in Photoshop.

Colour or black and white? What do you personally like more? You black and white images are quite intense, while the color ones are soft and dreamlike.  

Color mostly, but sometimes a certain composition, subject, or story relies so heavily on tone and contrast that black and white works better.

What is your personal definition of imagination? Can imagination help us escape harsh reality?

Imagination is everything; I hope I  will never escape it. It is my personal medication.

Do you enjoy exhibiting your work? Tell us about your exhibitions, venues, audience reactions, and anything else you consider important.

I adore exhibiting work, it is the best way my work is seen. Right now I am working with MMX Gallery in London, whose curators understand and support me like no other.

You have received publicity by associations such as Yahoo, Lomography and The Royal Photographic Society, and your fashion stories have been published by magazines such as Hunger and Notion. Has this influenced your work in any way?

These are opportunities I am eternally grateful for, and allow me to connect, expand and learn with other artists. They do not directly influence my style but give me the confidence to trust myself.

Tell us about World Wide Women.

WWW is an international art collective of female photographers who celebrate each other and the power feminine spirit through exhibitions and publications.

Favorite photographers that inspired you?

Sarah Moon: “I’ve often envied those who photograph life. I avoid it. I start from nothing. I make up a story which I leave untold. I imagine a situation which doesn’t exist. I wipe out the space to invent another. I shift the light. I rent everything unreal. And then I try.”

Favorite painters?

Currently, Harry Clarke, it will have changed by tomorrow.

Favorite writers and directors?

Always whoever I am currently reading or watching. Anne Rice, again it will have changed by tomorrow.

Are you a Romantic?

I think so.

Are you currently working on any project?

Yes, I am commencing work on a personal body of work at the moment, I am excited and unsure but will continue to try and make something tangible out of it.

What advice would you give to new photographers?

Keep going, don’t give in.


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