Paradox Ethereal Magazine 07 -74Vintage Advertising

Photo array by Roberta Sparrow

Once Upon a Time, advertising was very different. Will future generations say the same the same thing for us?

Once upon a time married women used to neglect themselves, but get a pill instead to make breakfast happily, no time left for taking part in Miss Nazi beauty contest, only rare beauties did so. Once upon a time a jelly looked domineering and you could hide behind it finding only one reason to like socks. In those times a woman could get 10 pounds and become irresistible to a man who would take her to a flea circus to charm her. Once upon a time women wished they were men to join the navy, men had no idea what being a gay meant, but quite gay they smoked cigars to get the cavemen out of them, as well as using “rectorotors” to cure constipation, unless they were breaking the law, which means fellow citizens did not give them any food anyway. And they lived happily ever after… (nice furry tail ha?)

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