“words from the silence”
EP 2017

Click here for a free download of SILENTPORT EP, exclusively released with issue 14

May 2017 -all rights reserved

The EP starts dynamically with the alluring piano theme of  Words From the Silence. Laura Agerli (LadyGhost), together with Roman Rütten in vocals, cast a sirenic spell to the listener, who, being lost in the seductive lyrics of Lory Fayer, is left asking for more silentport.

The journey goes on with Lady of the Night, full of haunting vocals; a mesmerising, rich composition, possessing a strong narrative and a theatrical sense,  enriched by the beautiful lyrics of Lory Fayer that add their magical touch full of genuine sentimentality. The voice of  Bjarkan Wolfsdóttir combined with that of Roman Rütten creates a mystical atmosphere, almost evocative.

By all means a very powerful track.  Love Like a Deliverance follows; a melancholic track, introspective and nostalgic, truly poetic and unapologetically flourishing, it paces the way for Transmutation’s vocals by Roman Rütten. Unlike in Love Like a Deliverance,  the vocals are less wistful and equally dreamlike.

A powerful EP, worthy of this rare artistic collaboration.     MV

All tracks were written and composed by silentport / Roman Rütten in 2017
The lyrics are by Lory Fayer
Vocals by roman Rütten/silentport
Vocals on “lady of the night” by  Bjarkan Wolfsdóttir
Vocals on “words from the silence” by Laura Agerli (LadyGhost)

TRACKS  (download link)

1. Words From the Silence
2. Lady of the Night
3. Love Like a Deliverance
4. Transmutation

Recorded between 2016 and 2017
@ weisser herbst studio fm
weisser herbst produktion, 2017
all rights reserved
contact: [email protected]

further information:

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