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Paradox Ethereal Magazine issue 10112

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CD 1:

01 I-M-R: Blind
02 Jep and Dep: Tears In The Rain
03 The Illusion of Silence: Old Seaman
04 Jaime Black: When The Angels Cried
05 Sunset Wings: The Little Girl Lost
06 Lunae Lumen: The Ghosts in Your Heart
07 Opium Dream Estate: As I Lay Dying
08 Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks: Midwinter Ghost
09 Rita Tekeyan: Yes Kou Aperet
10 Disemballerina: Phantom Limb
11 Stillife: Autumn
12 Peter Darling: Mary Lou
13 The Division Men: Dying To Get By

CD 2:

01 The Owl: Into The Light
02 Der weiße Hirsch: Die wilde Frau
03 Romowe Rikoito: Merunas Meddjan
04 Nora Candey: Epithalamion
05 Ulmus: Heimdall
06 Walden: Rad der Zeit
07 Sangre de Muerdago: Saudades
08 Quellenthal: Mädchenlied
09 Nebelung: Polaris
10 Oado: Regret
11 Whispering Woods: Farewell Ladybug
12 Green Elder: Liber

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“After the huge success of Snowflakes III At Sea Compilations and Paradox Ethereal are in the pleasured position to present our new compilation: Snowflakes IV. Compared with its predecessor, Snowflakes IV features more warm and intimate tonal images and coherent songs. In two hours of total running time, you will discover different tunes and moods. The focus of the first CD is Gothic Americana and Neoclassical music. On the second CD you will find different styles of Neofolk music.

Different musicians from all over the world arrange Snowflakes IV , it is the perfect soundtrack for wanderings through nature, enjoying a glass of red wine or browse the different Paradox Ethereal issues. For example I-M-R, the follow-up-band of the cult formation In My Rosary. While you listen to Sangre the Muerdago and Nebelung, two of the most excitement Neofolk projects in Europe, you discover all new bands like The Division Men – ran by the former Tito & Tarantula bass player Caroline Portillo with her husband Jesus. And with secret tips, like The Owl or Peter Darling, Snowflakes IV is completed.

Snowflakes IV is the 10th release of At Sea Compilations general. It founded by the german music journalist Axel Meßinger in 2012. The mission of At Sea Compilations is to create a creative and high-quality platform for independent bands. The downloads and participations for the bands are completely free. “

Axel Meßinger
[email protected]

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